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Kent Grayson, Associate Professor of Marketing

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 Research Focus

I study the role of fabrication and fact in consumption. My research looks at such topics as:
  • the benefits and drawbacks of trusting a business partner
  • how consumers decide whether something is authentic or fake
  • what happens when a "true friend" tries to sell you something
  • what makes people conclude that a purported fact is true or false
In a related research area, I study a channel of distribution called "network marketing." Network marketing is a type of direct selling, where sales agents sell outside of normal retail channels (such as in homes) and where agents are partly rewarded for recruiting other sales agents (and sometimes their friends and family) to work for them.

 Journal Articles
Humphreys, Ashlee and Kent Grayson (2008), "The Intersecting Roles of Consumer and Producer: Contemporary Criticisms and New Analytic Directions," Sociology Compass, 2, 1-18.  Download PDF
Grayson, Kent, Devon Johnson, and Der-Fa Chen (2007), “Is Firm Trust Essential in a Trusted Environment? How Trust in the Business Context Influences Customers,” Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (April), 241-256.  Download PDF
Grayson, Kent (2007) “Friendship versus Business in Marketing Relationships,” Journal of Marketing, 71 (October), 121-139  Download PDF
Johnson, Devon and Kent Grayson (2005), “Cognitive and Affective Trust in Service Relationships,” Journal of Business Research, 58:4 (April), 500-507.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent and Radan Martinec (2004), “Consumer Perceptions of Iconicity and Indexicality and Their Influence on Assessments of Authentic Market Offerings,” Journal of Consumer Research, 31:2 (September), 296-312.  Download PDF

Grayson, Kent and David Shulman (2000), “Indexicality and the Verification Function of Irreplaceable Possessions: A Semiotic Analysis,” Journal of Consumer Research, 27 (June), 17-30.
Reprinted in Consumer Behavior, Volume 5: Possessions, Brands and the Self (2006), Margaret Hogg, ed., Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 172 – 196.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent and Tim Ambler (1999), “The Dark Side of Long-Term Relationships in Marketing Services,” Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (February), 132-141.   Download PDF

Coughlan, Anne and Kent Grayson (1998), “Network Marketing Organizations: Compensation Plans, Retail Network Growth, and Profitability,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 15 (December), 401-426.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent (1998) “Customer Responses to Emotional Labor in Discrete and Relational Service Exchanges,” International Journal of Service Industry Management, 9 (Summer), 126-154. Winner, 1998 IJSIM best paper award.  Download PDF

Deighton, John and Kent Grayson (1995), "Marketing and Seduction: Building Exchange Relationships By Managing Social Consensus,” Journal of Consumer Research, 21 (March), 93-109.  Download PDF

Iacobucci, Dawn, Amy Ostrom and Kent Grayson (1995), "Distinguishing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: The Voice of the Customer," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 4, 277-303.   Download PDF

 Book Chapters

Grayson, Kent (2000), “Counterfeit Brands: Fooling Others or Fooling Ourselves?” Brand.New (Jane Pavitt, ed.), London, UK: V&A Press.

Grayson, Kent and David Shulman (2000), “Impression Management in Services Marketing,” Handbook of Services Marketing (Dawn Iacobucci and Teresa Swartz eds.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 51-67.   Download PDF

Johnson, Devon and Kent Grayson (2000), “Sources and Dimensions of Trust in Service Relationships,” Handbook of Services Marketing (Dawn Iacobucci and Teresa Swartz eds.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 357-370.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent (1999), “The Opportunities and Dangers of Playful Consumption,” Consumer Value (Morris Holbrook, ed.), New York, NY: Routledge, 105-125.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent (1998), “The Icons of Consumer Research: Using Signs to Represent Consumers’ Reality,” Representing Consumers: Voices, Views and Visions (Barbara Stern, ed.), New York, NY: Routledge, 27-43.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent (1998), “Commercial Activity at Home: Managing The Private Servicescape,” Servicescapes: The Concept of Place in Contemporary Markets (John F. Sherry, Jr., ed.), Chicago, IL: NTC Business Books, 455-482.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent (1996), “Examining the Embedded Markets of Network Marketing Organizations,” Networks in Marketing (Dawn Iacobucci, ed.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 325 - 341.   Download PDF

Kotler, Philip, Jonathan Hibbard and Kent Grayson (1995), “Marketing and Merchandising,” The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th Edition, Volume 23 (Macropaedia), Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., 495-508.   

Iacobucci, Dawn, Kent Grayson, and Amy Ostrom (1994), “The Calculus of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Theoretical and Empirical Differentiation and Integration,” Advances in Services Marketing and Management: Research and  Practice, Volume 3, Teresa A. Swartz, David E. Bowen and Stephen W. Brown eds., Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1-67.   

 Management Publications

Grayson, Kent (2000), A Comparative Study of Attitudes and Practices of Retail Workers, Franchise Managers, and Direct Sellers in Germany and the United Kingdom, London UK: London Business School.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent and Richard Berry (1999), “The Strategic Advantages of Direct Selling,” Mastering Marketing (Financial Times, ed.), London, UK: Financial Times Publishing, 225-230.   Download PDF

Grayson, Kent and Svetlana Kirillova (1999), “Monitoring the Market Misleaders,” Mastering Marketing (Financial Times, ed.), London, UK: Financial Times Publishing, 159-162.   Download PDF

Swartz, Gordon, Bruce G.S. Hardie, Kent Grayson and Tim Ambler (1996), Value for Money?  The Relationships Between Marketing Expenditure and Business Performance in the UK Financial Services Industry, Berkshire, UK: The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Iacobucci, Dawn, Kent Grayson, and Amy Ostrom (1994), “Customer Satisfaction Fables,” Sloan Management Review, 35:4 (Summer), 93-96. 

 Working Papers

“Exploring the Ambiguities of Trust in Embedded Relationships,” with David Shulman.

“The Influence of Epistemological Stance on Children’s Assessments of Truth Products,” with Radan Martinec and Matthew Adams.

“Subproblem Decomposition: An Exploratory Research Method,” with Dirk Ruiz and Dipak Jain.

“Exploring the Psychological Processes that Underlie Trust: A Web-Based Field Experiment.”

“The Psychological Outcomes of Consumption-Oriented Communites: Do Actual Consumers Differ from Aspirants?” with Emilio Foxell.